Total and the environment


Total is committed to minimising the climate impact of its products and activities; is pursuing five priorities to achieve its aims:


  • Raising and promoting the share of natural gas in Total production.
  • Growing renewable energy production, particularly in solar power and biofuels.
  • Making Total facilities and products more energy efficient.
  • Providing access to clean energy by developing an innovative solar energy solution.
  • Supporting the creation of an international climate framework and spurring sector initiatives.


These priorities are having a direct impact on the road transport sector.


Environmentally-friendly Lubricants



By developing advanced lubricants, we can help the road transport sector reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Our fuel economy oil range for engines and transmissions can help to reduce fuel consumption by as much as 3% per vehicle.



We have also developed oils with lower levels of emissions that could damage the exhaust gas treatment systems fitted to most trucks on the road. By re-formulating our lubricants, we can help to ensure that these pollution treatment systems go on doing their job effectively.


Total has also developed biodegradable lubricants for use where there is a risk of leakage, such as from gearboxes and axles. Because these oils will break down naturally, their environmental impact is minimised.

You can find out more about Total’s sustainable development on the official website.


Total Waste Solutions



Total waste management helps to ensure that your hazardous waste, such as waste oils, other hazardous and non-hazardous materials are disposed of in compliance with the law, with a collection service that can be tailored to your needs. We also offer site survey packages to help you determine any possible hazards, to prevent any fines or legal action.

If you have ever wondered, “How do used oils get collected?”, Total Waste has your answer.

For more details, download the Total Waste Management leaflet.


Total Ecosolutions



Total Ecosolutions is an initiative to promote and develop ways of reducing our environmental impact and the environmental impact of our customers.

Products include Total Excellium Truck Diesel (available in Europe but not yet in the UK). These products have shown in tests has shown that it can reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions by up to 4.4 per cent compared with a diesel fuel that does not contain Excellium additives. (Download the Total Excellium Truck Diesel brochure PDF for more information.)

Total’s engine and transmission oils, especially formulated for fuel economy, also form part of the Total Ecosolutions initiative by reducing friction in engines, gearboxes and axles, helping to reduce fuel consumption.





Total is the majority shareholder in California based SunPower, the world’s second largest solar power company. Over 30 years’ experience in developing photovoltaic technologies has resulted in the production of the most efficient solar panels available, with rated efficiency of 21.5 % compared with 16-17% from competitors. SunPower can provide domestic and business roof installations as well as ground based systems.

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