Toll services


AS 24 Eurotrafic fuel card & PASSango electronic toll boxes

Choose how you pay for tolls in 20 countries across Europe


The AS 24 Eurotrafic card can be used to pay tolls directly, or to buy a toll badge at border crossings with our range of toll offers.


The PASSango toll badge offers a centralised toll payment method with a toll box fixed inside of the vehicle windscreen that can be used in express toll lanes. PASSango is currently valid in packages that suit your fleet's needs:

  • PASSango France: France only
  • PASSango Iberia: France, Spain, Portugal
  • PASSango Europe: France, Belgium (now with Viapass), Austria, Spain, Portugal
  • PASSango EuroPilot: PASSango Europe + Geolocation (GPS tracking)

PASSango also opens up motorway company discounts. Alerts can be set for unwanted or unusual use. Your AS 24 Eurotrafic fuel card can also be used to order a new satellite box required for the Belgian road pricing system introduced in April 2016.



Please note, the PASSango system is required to travel on Belgian motorways and some major roads. Tolls will vary according to vehicle weight, type of road, emissions class and distance travelled.


PASSango EuroPilot

Stay up to date thanks to real-time tracking



PASSango EuroPilot provides similar services but also permits route planning and real-time tracking, so you can keep customers up to date on delivery information.




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