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Founded in Madrid in 2016, OnTruck has developed a product that enables road freight bookings to be made virtually in real time. Its highly promising approach to pooling means empty truck space can be filled on-the-go, thereby optimising costs, fuel consumption and emissions. Since 2017, Total supports the development of OnTruck through its start-up investment arm, Total Energy Ventures. OnTruck is expanding its network beyond Spain into the rest of Europe – starting with the UK, where the company has already begun operations in London and the South East.


Truck Manufacturer Partners








Our cooperation with RENAULT TRUCKS started in 1979 with the emergence of the bona fide Renault Trucks Oils ranges. Renault Trucks Oils are distributed across more than 40 regions around the globe, thanks to the longstanding dedication to marketing and services led by the joint venture Huiles Berliet SAS. Total and Renault Trucks Oils are also partners alongside Renault Trucks in the field of competitive sport, with both entities sponsoring the MKR Technology team in the European Truck Racing Championships. Find out more on Renault Truck Oils website.


Total’s collaboration with DAF (one of the leading heavy truck producers worldwide) began in the early ‘90s, with Fina Netherlands’ initial run-in oil deliveries. Thanks to this strong technical-commercial engagement, TOTAL has evolved into the number one supplier for factory-fill and a primary supplier for the DAF Genuine After Market Lubricant European programme.




In 2007, TOTAL and ZF joined forces to develop an optimal lubricant for heavy duty manual transmission. Our product was taken on by ZF (the leading technology company for drivetrain and chassis production) for a 540,000 km drain interval. Our business cooperation launched in 2011, with Total now an award-winning supplier for factory fill as well the official supplier for aftermarket needs through our associates.



TOTAL and SCANIA Group collaborate on the production of lubricants which are custom designed for heavy duty vehicles (i.e. trucks, buses).


TATA Motors and TOTAL are engaged in an after-market partnership on the basis of supplying Total-branded lubricants and custom products. The collaboration covers the majority of TATA Motors sales & service points in African markets, serving to guarantee the ideal oil grade, in line with strict lubrication requirements, to TATA Motors’ commercial vehicles.

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