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Plan better, panic less with live data reporting

Beyond preventative measures, immediate detection of fleet issues is equally critical to your business. When you adopt automation services, you can focus more of your time on business operations and spend less time reacting to individual issues like delays.


Integrate telematics with real-time data


Telematics can pinpoint where your vehicles are at any time and report on how they are being driven. They help to optimise the safe, and timely, management of your fleet. They also give you a better overview of what’s going on in your fleet, so you can plan ahead before last-minute issues become a problem.


Through AS 24 with Passango Pilot, for instance, you get real-time geo-localisation information on your trucks. Thanks to the geo-localisation feature, you can inform your customers about the progress of their shipments or to check the location of your vehicles while they are on the road.


Since it also works as a badge for toll payments, you also get other benefits such as discounts in France and Spain. Watch the video below for an overview of benefits:



Want to discover more fleet management tools?


There are other customised fleet management systems you can explore, such as live toll reports and other live reporting tools:


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