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Reduced Fuel Consumption & Cleaner Engines

As a fleet manager, the need to improve margins and streamline fleet operations is the most important, and hardest, part of the job. To address these issues in our product line, we have launched Total Excellium - a new concentrate diesel fuel additive specifically designed for commercial vehicle businesses and which can reduce fuel consumption by up to 5%.
When added to regular diesel fuel within the vehicle, Total Excellium Concentrate Diesel cleans the engine by preventing injector fouling and therefore extends engine lifespan by reducing friction, which also results in reduced maintenance costs. These combined actions provide significant benefits, especially to those who drive a high number of miles using diesel vehicles.

Lower fuel consumption

When compared to non-specifically additised fuel, further tests show that a Euro 5 heavy-duty vehicle using Excellium for 17,000km led to a reduction in fuel consumption by up to 5%, the net result being an important cost saving. It goes to work, right from the very first use, cleaning the engine and increasing efficiency. 
In fact, in field tests which validated performances through more than 12,000,000km, injector fouling was prevented up to 93% of the time when using Total Excellium concentrate diesel. Furthermore, the additive could clean up to 45% of existing fouling in vehicles.



Cleaner engine, cleaner emissions 

Engines are kept clean over an extended time with Excellium Concentrate Diesel. Water contamination of diesel is a significant issue, and so Excellium enables rapid separation of the fuel from water to eliminate it entirely, protecting diesel filters from premature clogging
This latest product — part of the Total Ecosolutions line — is the perfect partner for use with Total RUBIA heavy duty engine oil. Users can also benefit from their own environmental footprint by a reduction in CO2 emissions by up to 4.2%, across 10,500 miles, seeing environmental impacts diminish.
The new Excellium Concentrate Diesel is available from Total in bulk, IBC, 185L and 5L.
To obtain more information about Total and Excellium, call 01977 636 304 or email ms.marketing@total.co.uk.
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