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Fleet management services will save you time and effort

Today’s fleet managers under more pressure than ever before, with work hours into all times of the day and low business margins meaning fewer human resources. It seems work is 24h/day with no time for friends, family or leisure.


The trickiest part about time management is that unscheduled duties take up the most precious time. Aside from your usual scheduled routine, a big part of your job is reacting to issues (by e-mail, phone, reacting to crises, and responding to inquiries).


Luckily, we have tools and fleet management services available for you that can help a great deal with replacing any lost staff. Best of all, they help you keep tabs on all your activities in one place.


Scheduling and planning tools


The AS 24 Fleet Manager app is a free download you can use to access, wherever you are, the following advanced fleet management functionalities:


  • Access to your filling and toll transactions report
  • Be warned about abnormal use of your cards, and respond immediately by calling the driver or by blacklisting the card from your application
  • Being a Multipass user, you have easy access to all details of your accounts
  • Find your transactions details and also your account balance or outstanding
  • Consult your cards or toll support units’ details (type and status) and blacklist them if necessary from your application
  • Search for AS 24 stations and get GPS guidance from your position
  • Stay informed in real time about openings, closures, works and outages on the AS 24 station network
  • Network Info notifications: openings, temporary and definitive closures, outages for all network or only favourites
  • Download and save on your phone all AS 24 stations access maps
  • Find all useful contacts and emergency numbers in all Europe
  • Pinpoint your trucks equipped with PASSango Pilot.


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