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How you can reduce fleet breakdown

Breakdowns can have a huge impact on your fleet business. Aside from costly maintenance, they affect everything from lower productivity to loss of assets. Not to mention legal and insurance fees! Luckily, there’s a simple measure you can take to reduce your fleet’s breakdowns to a minimum: simply adopting an oil condition monitoring (OCM) programme.


OCM is the most effective way to know how well your engine oil is doing its job. A diagnosis programme like ANAC oil analysis helps you predict any potential equipment faults by giving you unique and early insight into the condition of your lubricants. By enabling effective preventative maintenance, a good OCM programme like ANAC will save you both time and money.


ANAC oil analysis to improve efficiency and reliability of your truck


OCM is effective for multiple purposes, and ANAC oil analysis in particular has an established track record of reducing downtime and improving equipment efficiency and reliability. It also gives you advance warning of maintenance issues before they become serious problems.


ANAC customers love it because it goes above the usual oil analyses offered by the majority of specialist labs. Beyond diagnosing the residual quality of the actual oil, the ANAC system also focuses on the wear behaviour of your vehicle’s engines, gearboxes, axles and more.


The programme is active in 46 different countries, and has been serving fleet managers for more than 40 years to avoid breakdowns. By now, it has carried out more than 4 million diagnostic operations, providing a large source of information that can be reviewed to compare fluid analysis routines and to help identify areas of improvement.


How does ANAC work?


ANAC is an abbreviation for Analysis Compared. By analysing a sample of oil, our experts can establish a thorough diagnosis of all mechanical parts (engine, transmissions, hydraulics) of your equipment without the constraint of disassembly. In this way, you can easily monitor the reliability of your engine.  


The programme is simple to set up and allows you to plan maintenance programmes for individual vehicles. You get an overview through easy-to-use reports that are also simple to understand. Additionally, the programme lets you manage your OCM program by planning a course of action based on results and customised recommendations.



With ANAC WEB at your fingertips, you can also manage maintenance activities with greater ease and efficiency. All reports are accessible online and via e-mail, available in 19 different languages. The online arm of ANAC also generates an overview of management reports, detailing the condition of your fleet and workshops.


The system also allows you to:


  • Review oil analysis results
  • Register samples online
  • Manage your equipment registrations
  • Schedule, take and confirm maintenance actions


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