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Keep track of your fleet’s lubricants with Total VisioStock


What is VisioStock?

If your haulage business deals with a large volume of liquids spread across a number of different storage sites, TOTAL VisioStock lets you monitor stock levels remotely and in real time.

By installing VisioStock sensors in your HGV business’ storage tanks, whether they hold oil, grease, AdBlue or otherwise, you can simply log on to the online dashboard and view a vast and in-depth range of data, including:

  • Liquid levels, in percentage or litre terms 
  • Consumption patterns
  • Fill volumes
  • Projected run-out dates
  • Low-level alerts
  • Sudden-drop alerts

VisioStock can be installed in all types of tanks, including plastic, steel, sectional and underground stores, and a very wide selection of liquids, including waste oils, additives and lubricants are compatible. 

Don’t be content with not-quite-accurate liquid records – use TOTAL VisioStock for complete supply optimisation.

How does VisioStock help your business?

VisioStock allows fleet owners to make their oil and grease stocks totally transparent, offering an enviable selection of benefits that simply aren’t possible with traditional monitoring systems and record-keeping.

  • View exact liquid levels in real time, 24/7, avoiding truck liquid supply problems entirely
  • Protect your stock from theft or misuse, lowering insurance premiums and avoiding claims
  • Eliminate overfilling and extend the life of your storage containers
  • Manage your working capital with reliable demand patterns
  • Enjoy green compliance with CRC/DECC calculations and make reporting carbon and energy easier
  • Plan and model future stocks to grow your business with all the facts
  • Receive immediate alerts if stocks quickly drop, leak or get too low, making your business more reactive
  • Total’s experts can provide support when needed, on-site, online or over the phone.

How does it work?

VisioStock provides accessible security thanks to advanced sensor and networking technology. 

Battery-powered Sensor Devices located within tanks use ultrasonic pulses to measure liquid levels.

The sensors transmit the data from their built-in SIM cards to our protected data centres via GSM.

Data is sent to your online dashboard – accessible from any smartphone, tablet or computer.
View the liquid levels of all the tanks in your operation, or receive regular updates or alerts automatically, in a range of formats.

TOTAL VisioStock is totally customisable. However large or complex your business, our experts are ready and waiting to give you total transparency, and after installation, you can enjoy support whenever you need it. Contact our team for more information.

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