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Stay connected with your fleet manager, on the go

It’s not always easy to keep in touch with your fleet manager. Sometimes, the tools are not enough; other times, the time pressure from both sides makes it difficult to communicate things when you need to. This is made even trickier when it comes to international journeys. That’s why AS 24’s Tak&Drive, a digital data-sharing tool, is used by so many HGV drivers.


Communicate while you drive – without any talking!


Tak&Drive is now the most efficient tool on the market for drivers to optimise their journey. The technology is much more efficient and cost-effective than other established transmission tools.


The technology pulls data from driver smart cards that you can use at given terminals across stations in the AS 24 network. After first inserting AS 24 card, drivers can insert their smart card to upload the data, which takes about a minute. (You would be required to do this in every 28-day period.) A few minutes later, the data is available to your fleet manager, dispatcher or relevant subscribed individual. Your manager can then download and analyse the data using their own back office systems.


Tak&Drive terminals are available 24/7 in more than 200 stations across Europe. As a driver, you can locate the nearest AS 24 station in real time and be updated on their opening times. 


For more information, visit AS 24's website here.

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