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Automate your driving schedule - for free!

You need to know where you are and exactly where you’re going at all times. Thankfully, there are technologies available to helping you, customised specifically for the needs of HDV drivers in Europe.


What is the AS24 Driver app?


The AS 24 Driver app (free download) has been designed specifically for professional drivers like you. It allows you to plan your route, search for all AS 24 stations and see details of the services provided, with an access map and navigation function to take you to the required station.


Download AS 24 Driver app


Benefit all AS 24 network information wherever you are for the following benefits:

  • Search for AS 24 stations and get GPS guidance from your position
  • Stay informed in real time about openings, closures, works and outages on the AS 24 station network
  • Network Info notifications: openings, temporary and definitive closures, outages for all network or only favourites
  • Download and save on your phone all AS 24 stations access maps
  • Find all useful contacts and emergency numbers in all Europe


Download now and find out more on the AS 24 website.


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