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The problem of cash flow is an all too familiar one. We have solutions.

With commercial clients and shippers usually taking over two months to pay, managing cash flow is one of the biggest fleet management issues. But did you know you can improve it by reclaiming a lot of international tax as a truck transportation company?


If you do carry out international transport of goods, we admit it can get complicated to keep up with exemptions, credits, and deductions you can possibly take. Thankfully, there are professionals on call to help you with Eurovat’s dedicated service.



Recover VAT, optimise your cash flow


Using a team of specialists, Eurovat will handle your claims on your behalf and reimburse you once the claims have been re-paid. Among other things, Eurovat customers benefit from their own account manager and competitive commission rates.


The process is simple. First, Eurovat receives your invoices, puts together your VAT refund files and sends them to the tax authorities. The tax authorities then process the files and refund the VAT. Upon receipt, the VAT is refunded to you. Easy!


Wait, there’s more. AS 24 also lets you recover your VAT in real-time. As an ActiVAT member, you are charged the amount including VAT but only pay the amount excluding VAT. This, in turn, increases your cash on hand.


Customer Testimonials:


  • “Documentation is very clear and detailed for every Country and every service you obtain, whether it is for European VAT, TIPCE, Macron Law, etc.”


  • “Brilliant customer service. My customer service representative is very helpful no matter what issues I have. She has lighted my load not only with her professional approach, but also with her step-by-step guidance.”


  • “Eurovat is trustworthy, has reasonable pricing and transparency.”


For more details, check out our Eurovat FAQ page or visit the following resources:



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