AS 24 Fuel Cards


AS 24 offers a range of secure PIN-protected payment cards, which can be tailored to the needs of your fleet. Cards can be used for a range of services including fuel purchase, AdBlue®, truck washes, paying tolls in 15 countries and even fines.


AS 24 Fuel Cards


With AS 24 fuel cards, you can:


  • Control card use and settle bills with a fully itemised monthly invoice, all handled electronically
  • Set cash limits on spending, detailing where cards can and can’t be used
  • Set alerts on card use to monitor irregular activity
  • Modify the restrictions to suit the changing needs of your operations
  • Safely use the card thanks to chip and pin protection
  • Personalise with the driver card 


For more information on AS 24 fuel cards, visit the official AS 24 website.


Customer Area management tool

Manage your fleet from one place through your own AS 24 Customer Area


The Customer Area provides a secure, passcode-protected area containing all your account information, accessible at any time and from any computer or laptop. From here, you can manage your AS 24 cards and toll badges and check prices at AS 24 stations. You can also create user profiles, allowing your employees access only to the information they need.



Access all of your billing online


Use e-billing and you can also access your invoices online in the Customer Area. Invoices are stored in the passcode-protected area for 18 months, where they can be downloaded or emailed to your accounts department, removing the need for paper files.


Eurotrafic fuel card

Don’t worry: we take care of everything through the Eurotrafic assistance service


With the pin-protected Eurotrafic fuel card, fleet drivers can pay for fuel in more than 12,000 Eurotrafic partner stations in 28 countries across the European AS 24 network.


What’s more, your fleet will also benefit from Eurotrafic assistance, so drivers can easily find where to turn to for help when driving in the EU or beyond; in case of a breakdown and support. With Eurotrafic, a single number provides multi-lingual assistance, ensuring drivers can be answered in their own language: +33 (0)3 88 62 24 24


With a network of 22,000 authorised repair partners, Eurotrafic Assistance can provide breakdown assistance in 40 European countries. Legal assistance also provides mediation in any language and help with the payment of fines or penalty recovery. Membership is free for the entire fleet – you just pay for the services used.


For more information on the Eurotrafic fuel card, visit the AS 24 website or download the Eurotrafic Assistance brochure (PDF).

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