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Everything you need to know about Macron law and what it means for your fleet

The challenges you face as a fleet manager are multiplied by ever-growing legislative requirements. Most transport taxation is directed at the trucking industry rather than other road users (e.g. motorists). So it’s important to keep up with these regulations and avoid penalties.


Macron Law in particular, adopted in France, presents huge changes for non-French truck companies passing through the country. Here you will find all you need to know, supported by the legal assistance of Eurovat.




Breaking down Macron Law


Macron Law was established on 1st July 2016. The law is directed at all trucks driven through France by non-French companies. These transportation companies must comply with the following regulations:  


  • Each driver must be paid the French minimum wage
  • The employer must respect all local social regulations (in France)
  • Each company must designate a French representative


The law applies in two circumstances:


  1. For companies carrying out road transportation based that are also overseas (i.e. not in France)
  2. For anyone dispatching a commercial driver on French territory.


Required documents


In addition to this, it’s essential to be aware of the mandatory documents required by Macron Law. If you dispatch a driver to France, you must ensure your drivers always carry the following with them inside the vehicle:


  • A certificate of posting
  • Their employment contract (a copy is sufficient)


The French-based representative that you appoint must also retain the following items:


  • A copy of the certificate of posting
  • A power of attorney letter proving his/her rights as a representative
  • All of the drivers’ payslips
  • Official proofs of salary settlements


Your representative is obliged to keep all of the above items within 18 months after the expiry date of the certificate of posting. Additionally, the representative must be ready to show these documents upon immediate request in case of control by local authorities in France.


Although the Macron Law is costly and time-consuming, it’s highly recommended to respect it. It pays to remember that French authorities are becoming much stricter, and are performing increasing amounts of controls that can result in even more expensive sanctions! These can range from €2,000 – €50,000.


But don’t worry – you don’t have to go at this alone. Eurovat has a specialised service for Macron Law specifically to help companies like yours with compliance.


Legal support services


You can seek support from Eurovat legal services to support you with Macron Law. The services range from 100% secure storage of your documents, to appointing a France-based representative for your company.


The pricing for legal assistance services are flexible, too. Eurovat offers a pricing scale that can be adapted to the number of drivers you dispatch, as well as the length of your required certificates and documentation.


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