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Stay ahead of carbon emission regulations

With new regulations come new challenges. Much of the newly emerging legislation relates to environmental concerns, pushing the fleet industry toward fewer carbon emissions against stricter penalties. In response to mandatory environmental legislation, new industry technologies are also emerging. From truck manufacturers to fuel producers, the disruption of regulation has created new opportunities to limit carbon emissions from trucks.


The most successful technology to this end has been AdBlue®. Nearly all HGVs require AdBlue® to aid them to achieve the heavy requirements designed to reduce vehicles’ negative impact on the environment. AdBlue® is a liquid that is transported in a different tank on HGVs running on diesel, and is injected into the truck’s exhaust to generate an effect that significantly reduces diesel-powered trucks and injected into the vehicle’s exhaust to produce a chemical reaction that significantly reduces environmentally unfriendly emissions.


Our AdBlue® lubricant solution


Total Lubricants provides various package options for AdBlue®. You can choose according to standard packages (2L, 5L or 10L), barrels (220L) or high-volume to deposit in depot. The choice is yours.


Our AdBlue® network solution


Each fleet will address their AdBlue® supply in their unique way, which is why Total offers such a wide range of solutions. To help your drivers save time, the AS 24 network contains AdBlue® pumps that conveniently let HGV drivers refill on AdBlue at the moment they are re-fueling. The AS 24 network runs across 23 countries in Europe and boasts over 500 European stations that offer AdBlue® at special prices.


For further information, visit the official AS 24 website.


Or use our AdBlue Finder to search for the nearest AS 24 AdBlue seller! 

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