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Track and manage your drivers’ speed

Driving speed has one of the biggest impacts on road safety, for both your drivers and anyone else on the road. As a fleet manager, it is essential that you put speeding in the forefront of your operational priorities. After all, speed can define the line between life and death in a collision.


The first step is to communicate the importance of speed management with your drivers, to deter them from reaching unsafe speeding limits.  However, it is equally important to present an incentive: real-time monitoring. That’s where a programme like AS 24’s Tak&Drive can help.



Efficient speed management on multi-fleet vehicles


Tak&Drive is now the most efficient tool on the market for fleet managers to recover the data of their drivers, and for drivers to optimise their journey. This new technology is faster and cheaper than any traditional transmission methods.


The new application provides fleet managers with data stored on a tachograph, including any over speeding information. It also has other benefits, providing you with monthly evolution of your drivers’ spending, a detailed summary of their oil and VAT transactions, geo-localisation of your drivers and a system of alert for any abnormal proceedings.


Tak&Drive terminals are available 24/7 in more than 200 stations across Europe. The driver inserts his AS 24 card, so that a few minutes after it is possible to find his data in the AS 24 customer area. Drivers can easily find the nearest AS 24 station in real time and be updated on their opening times. 


For more information, visit AS 24's website here.

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