AdBlue® as Lubricant

However you need it, we can supply it


Almost every heavy truck on the road needs AdBlue® to help meet the demanding emissions limits designed to improve air quality. AdBlue® is a liquid, carried in a separate tank on diesel-powered trucks and injected into the vehicle’s exhaust to produce a chemical reaction that drastically reduces harmful emissions.

Total Lubricants provides a range of alternative options including traditional packs in two-litre, five-litre and 10-litre sizes. We can also supply AdBlue® in barrels or bulk for depot dispensing.

For further information, visit the official AdBlue® website


AdBlue® Network

Flexible solutions for fleets


Different fleets deal with their AdBlue® requirements in different ways. In response to a variety of needs, Total can provide a number of different solutions.


The AS 24 network provides AdBlue® pumps, allowing truck drivers to top up with AdBlue® at the same time as they re-fuel. Find out more on AdBlue® European Network here.


The AS 24 fuelling network provides more than 600 European stations selling AdBlue® at competitive prices across 23 countries in Europe. Use AdBlue® Station Finder to search for the nearest AS 24 AdBlue® seller.


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