Improve fleet performance, reliability and economy by using TOTAL RUBIA engine oil


Rubia is Total’s range of heavy-duty diesel oils (HDDOs) for trucks, HGVs and lorries. Providing lubrication for engines in all major makes and models, it’s been constantly developed to be of the best possible quality, whatever the conditions, extending the life of engines and ensuring peak performance.

Rubia has been formulated with the latest advancements in lubrication technology in mind:

  • Aeration control reduces bubble formation, increasing lubrication performance
  • Oxidation stability stops oil degradation and limits the formation of sludge
  • Lower viscosity oils are designed to increase fuel economy
  • Shear stability technology increases resistance to extreme stresses in pressure and heat, stabilising viscosity and reducing wear on components
  • Low SAPS options are available for HGVs with diesel particulate filters (DPFs)
  • Suitable for engines with exhaust gas recirculation systems
  • Excellent detergency levels ensure soot is dispersed and components remain clean
  • Made to reduce engine wear during cold start-ups
  • Additives neutralise corrosive acids in the engine
  • Meets a wide range of OEM standards.

Whatever the composition of the fleet you manage, TOTAL RUBIA oils provide everything your vehicles will need to perform efficiently.

How does TOTAL RUBIA save you money?

Rubia oils ensure you have the correct lubricants running your fleet, guarding against a vast array of problems and providing plenty of benefits.

  • Engine wear and damage is reduced, lowering lifetime repair costs
  • Drain intervals are extended, lowering downtime and increasing profitability
  • Fuel economy across your entire fleet is increased, reducing fuel costs
  • Emission catalyst lifetimes are extended


We developed a range of Rubia engine oils so the widest number of vehicles could enjoy the benefits. Use our handy tool, Lub Advisor, to search by vehicle and find the right oil for your fleet.

The range includes:


For more information on Total’s range of Rubia lubricants or to make an order, contact our team.

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