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AS 24 in Europe and UK

Enjoy fleet benefits with our European & UK networks   


At the heart of AS 24 is a secure European network of more than 800 fully-automated, HGV-only fuelling stations, open 24/7, across 28 European countries. All feature wide lanes, high capacity fuel pumps, with AdBlue® available in over 600 stations.


AS 24 also offers a UK network of 54 stations, with a further 18 in Ireland. AdBlue® is available in 37 stations while 30 also sell rebated “red” diesel for off-highway, agricultural and marine use.


For more information, go to the official  AS 24 network page, or continue below for information on route planning tools.


Mapping tools

Find the closest service point you need without leaving your truck


Knowing where to find facilities for drivers is vital to route planning. Our online mapping tools provide a range of search options allowing you to find AS 24, Total and our partner stations along your planned route.


With AS 24, we also offer the first AdBlue® network: 76% our stations are equipped with adapted AdBlue® distribution for Trucks. You can use the maps to search by AdBlue® only or by service point, AS 24 or Total sites, opening hours, or route type (motorway or A-road).


The route planner will also be able to show relevant information for truck fleets such as parking, showers, toilet facilities and tolls as it develops further.


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Mobile Apps

Free apps for drivers and fleet managers


Our online apps open up a world of convenience for AS 24 customers using their smartphone or tablet:


  • AS 24 Driver app allows drivers to search for all AS 24 stations and see details of the services provided, with an access map and navigation function to take you to the required station. Useful contacts and emergency numbers are included. In order to get our customers feed-back and improve our services, drivers can now rate the station (quality of access, equipment and security).
  • AS 24 Fleet Manager app allows fleet managers to keep a check on transactions and alerts for abnormal transactions on your cards as well as information on the AS 24 station network. It also allows you to pinpoint your trucks equipped with PASSango Pilot.



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