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AS 24

Network and supplier dedicated to commercial vehicles


AS 24, a Total Group subsidiary, has specialised in supplying fuel to haulage contractors for more than 30 years.

With its network of HGV-dedicated stations and its desire to facilitate the business of haulage contractors on a day-to-day basis, AS 24 has rapidly established itself as one of the main European suppliers of diesel and AdBlue® on the roads.

More than a supplier, AS 24 is a genuine partner of road haulage professionals and a major player in terms of offers, banking above all on innovation.

AS 24 also offers breakdown assistance through the company’s service partners, legal assistance and card holders can get immediate cash advances if required.  Services and the location of all 750 service stations can be accessed online or via the AS 24 App. There is even to opportunity to retrieve data stored by digital tachographs on your trucks, through the online customer service area.

Through AS 24, fleet managers can also review costs online, instantly retrieve data, control and keep track of all business transactions and access detailed invoices on a monthly basis. This includes toll payments and facilitated access through toll plazas, automatic recovery of diesel tax in any EU country, and the settlement of penalties, helping to avert the risk of a vehicle being immobilized or impounded.

Thanks to chip-and-pin card solutions, fleet managers can make payments directly through the membership programme, as well as control drivers’ use of cards. For instance, managers can personalise cards and set alerts to warn them if fuel spending is approaching previously set limits, if the vehicle is operating in an unauthorised location or if it is filling up in a high cost area.

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Diesel tax reclaim made simple


Eurovat is specialised in the recovery of VAT and other taxes for international hauliers. Established in 1995, the company has developed its expertise, ensuring a simple procedure for the recovery of your VAT.

Eurovat is a member of the International VAT Association.

Eurovat has built a strong partnership with the European customs and tax authorities. It ensures the refund of your claims in full compliance with current legislation.

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Total Lubricants

Award-winning supplier of modern lubricants


Modern lubricants are designed to reduce wear and improve fuel economy. TOTAL’s range includes semi and fully synthetic oils to achieve these aims. Apart from the Rubia range of engine oils, formulated for the latest Euro-VI engines, TOTAL’s transmission oils will help to maximise the life of heavy-duty truck transmissions, both manual and automatic. All of our products follow international specs and industrial demands.

Fifth-wheel and chassis lubrication are catered for with TOTAL’s grease range. The range also includes hydraulic fluids for on-board systems, as well as brake and clutch fluids for vehicles requiring them.

Total Lubricants is an important sponsor in Formula One, WRC, Moto GP, Endurance and Rally Raid. Additionally, big investments are made on used oils recycling process in partnership with French companies, Veolia and Osilub.

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