OnTruck - Smart logistics for short-haul freight

What is OnTruck?

OnTruck is an on-demand logistics platform for short-haul road freight. Powered by a machine learning algorithm, it offers a cloud-based booking platform and mobile app which connects shippers and carriers quickly and easily.

The platform offers improvements in price-competitiveness and flexibility for those sending freight, and boosts vehicle utilisation and convenience for road hauliers.

Founded in Madrid in 2016, where it handles over 5,000 consignments per month, OnTruck now operates in the UK across London and the South East, with plans for UK-wide coverage by the end of 2018.

Why should I use OnTruck?

While medium-haul road freight shipping is an important and growing market, it’s extremely fragmented. Organised via phone, email and fax with a low level of digitalization, as many as 30% of medium-haul trucks travel at half capacity.

OnTruck is different.

Shippers input their load and request a delivery time, then are instantly matched to a driver. All shipping information is transparently provided.

Truck drivers and fleet managers accept shipments at will, enjoying automatic payments while reducing downtime.

With OnTruck, a shipment is matched to a truck in just 19 seconds.

By using OnTruck’s smart logistics platform, shippers can offer competitive rates to the market by passing on efficiency savings. With optimised fuel consumption all along the transportation chain, emissions are reduced too.

OnTruck has enjoyed 35% month-on-month growth since launch, completing more the 80,000 loaded miles to date. Shipping palletised goods for manufacturers, retailers and freight forwarders across a wide range of markets, it has a base of more than 200 carriers, a number growing by the day.

Total’s partnership with OnTruck

Seeing the value in OnTruck’s smart solution to short-haul freight, Total’s venture capital arm, Total Energy Ventures, acquired an interest in the platform in May 2017, and involvement that was recently increased with the reinvestment of extra capital.

The partnership will allow OnTruck to speak with logistic experts, unlock business opportunities and share freight industry best-practice, all while helping Total promote innovative and energy-efficient haulage.