Value-Added Services


“The fact that we were able to achieve 900% return on investment is unbelievable!” - National Truck Dealer


In addition to oils, greases and anti-freeze products for a wide range of vehicles, Total Lubricants also offers multiple support services:


  • Oil analysis: can show how well your engine oil is doing its job and give advance warning of maintenance issues before they become serious problems. Oil Analysis also helps you to plan maintenance programmes for individual vehicles. For more information, download our ANAC (Lubricant Analysis) leaflet (PDF).
  • Stock management: enables you to keep an eye on the levels in your oil storage tanks to ensure that you don’t run out. As soon as the level falls to a critical level, the system will automatically order your next delivery. For more information, download our Total Visiostock leaflet (PDF).
  • Waste recovery and disposal: Waste oil and other fluids need to be disposed of in an environmentally responsible way. Total can provide a waste recovery and disposal service at competitive prices for hazardous material such as oil, oil filters, brake fluid, coolant, batteries, mixed fuels and oily rags. 

    Total can also help with the disposal of non-hazardous waste including cardboard, plastics, metals and general waste. We can help fleets that prefer to carry out their own maintenance by supplying and fitting workshop equipment, including bulk storage tanks and associated kits. For more details, download the Total Waste Management leaflet.
  • ANAC web: Through ANAC’s web service, you can both order lubricants and manage all of your invoices in a single place online. These communication support services are for ANAC are accessible online through a secure client portal, which you can use either on your smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • Lub Advisor: If you’re having trouble finding the perfect lubricant for your truck, check out Total UK’s interactive Lub Advisor.




“ANAC oil testing makes it possible to differentiate ourselves toward our competitors. We can also prevent excessive engine wear or unexpected failures and we enhance the relationship with the customer.” After Sales Manager, Leading Truck Dealership


“We are able to target and quickly carry out work on vehicles identified as having defects. Rapid intervention will undoubtedly save us both time and money.” Maintenance Engineer, Large Bus Operator (over 650 buses)


“By utilising ANAC in conjunction with regular service scheduling, we have doubled the life of our vehicles which also gives us a higher resale value." Service Manager, National Food Manufacturer 

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