FAQ EuroVAT - VAT reclaim

Who can claim a VAT refund?

To be allowed to recover the VAT, you must:


  • Carry out international transport of goods
  • Have no VAT number in the refund countries
  • Use vehicles weighing at least 3.5 tons


In which countries can I claim a VAT return?
  • In all EU countries
  • In countries with a reciprocity agreement in place: Norway & Switzerland
What can I claim a VAT refund on?

You can claim a VAT refund on many products associated with your activity as an International Transport Company: Diesel, tolls, AdBlue, lubricants, repairs, accessories, parking fees, technical control, HVG washing, hotels, catering, tunnels, bridges…

Caution: The list of products subjected to VAT refund varies depending on the country.


Is VAT recovery backdated?


  • For a subscription between 01/01/N & 30/09/N, the service is backdated to 01/01/N-1. For example, if you subscribe 15th May 2016, you will receive VAT on the invoices 2015 and 2016.
  • For a subscription between 01/10/N & 31/12/N, the service is backdated to 01/01/N. For example, if you subscribe 15th November 2016, you will receive VAT only on 2016 invoices.


How long will it be before I receive a VAT refund?

Reimbursement delays vary depending on the tax authority.

According to the law, tax authorities must process the claims within 4 months (from the reception of the claim to the refund) but in reality delays vary depending on the country.  

Statistical refund periods compiled by EuroVAT: https://www.eurovat.eu/en/vat-reclaim   


Can I avoid these variable VAT refund delays?
Yes, by subscribing to VAT advance payment: Please contact EuroVAT
How can I send my invoices?

You can send us your e-invoices on PDF by email.

Important: Please keep your original invoices as the Tax Authorities may demand them for control.


Can I claim VAT on receipts / tickets?

It depends on the country.
Please contact us for further information.    


What are the deadlines for VAT reclaim?
  • April: We start submitting 1st quarter claims.
  • July: We start submitting 2nd quarter claims.
  • October: We start submitting 3rd quarter claims.
  • January: We start submitting 4th quarter claims.
  • March: We start submitting annual claims, if necessary.


What are the minimum amounts that I can claim in EU countries?
  • Quarterly claim: € 400
  • Annual claim: € 100


Can I use several VAT agents?

For most tax authorities, using several VAT agents on the same country and for the same period is forbidden.

Nevertheless, for some tax authorities you can use several VAT agents if they reclaim VAT in different countries or for different periods.


FAQ EuroVAT - Diesel tax reclaim

What is Excise Duty?

Excise duties are specific taxes on diesel.


Who can claim an Excise Duty refund?

EuroVAT claims excise duties refunds for transport companies based in EU. They must carry goods and EuroVAT must also be their VAT agent. Vehicles must weigh more than 7.5t

You must be able to provide vehicle registration documents, leasing/rental contracts and invoices along with the filling lists.


In which countries can I claim an Excise Duty refund?
  • France (TICPE),
  • Belgium (excise),
  • Spain (Gasóleo Professional + IVMDH, also called « Spanish Sanitary Cent» or “healthcare cent”),
  • Italy (excise),
  • Slovenia (excise),
  • Hungary (excise).


What can I claim an Excise Duty refund on?
Diesel only.
How often are refunds claimed by EuroVAT?
  • France (TICPE) : half-yearly refunds
  • Belgium : half-yearly refunds
  • Spain : quarterly refunds
  • Italy : quarterly refunds
  • Slovenia : annual refunds
  • Hungary : quarterly or annual refunds


What are the deadlines to claim an excise duty refund?
  • France (TICPE) : claims must be submitted within 2 years
  • Belgium: claims must be submitted within 3 years after the date your authorisation number was issued
  • Spain: not backdated
  • Italy: claims must be submitted by the 20th of the month following the end of the quarter
  • Slovenia: an annual claim that must be submitted by the 31st March of following year
  • Hungary: claims can be submitted on fillings done 1 year (year-on-year) prior to the issue of your authorisation


Do I have to submit original invoices?

YES for Belgian and Slovenian excise duty
NO for French TICPE, Italian excise duty and Spain’s Gasóleo Professional + IVMDH


Is there a refund ceiling?
No, except for Gasóleo Professional: 50 000L/year/vehicle
How long will it be before I receive an Excise Duty refund?

It depends on the countries and on how busy Customs are.
Statistical refund periods compiled by EuroVAT:

  • French TICPE :  10 to 14 months
  • Belgian excise duty : 6 to 18 months
  • Spain’s Gasóleo Professional + IVMDH : 3 to 6 months
  • Italian excise duty : 18 months
  • Slovenian excise duty : 3 to 12 months
  • Hungarian excise duty : 1.5 to 2 months
Can I use several agents to claim an Excise Duty refund?

No - if you use several agents, your claims may be rejected.


Other questions?

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