The future of light commercial vehicles

Vans are ever-popular, and feature heavily in the make-up of fleets. What does the future hold?

Brexit and haulage: the current state of negotiations

What is the current state of play of the Brexit negotiations and what is the haulage industry saying?

How to route-optimise your haulage business

Optimising your truck fleet is extremely important to help save money. Here's how.

Microlise Transport Conference 2018 Review

Total Truck Solutions visited the 2018 Microlise Conference to see the latest trends.

Clean Air Zones in the UK: what are the potential costs to the haulage industry?

Clean Air Zones (CAZ) are set to be implemented across the UK. Will they affect the haulage industry?

Responsible operators are losing out to AdBlue® emulators

If you aren't using AdBlue, you are risking losing your licence.

What is platooning, and can it save hauliers time and money?

What is Platooning and can it help to save money?

How to manage your fleet with AS 24

How the As 24 Infinite Pack can help manage your vehicle fleet.

Are potholes causing problems for your fleet?

Potholes on UK roads are increasing. What does this mean for hauliers and can it be improved?

Will digitisation revolutionise supply chain management and the haulage industry?

Industry 4.0 and the digitisation of the haulage industry continues at a quick rate. What does this mean for businesses and customers alike?

Why hauliers should visit Total at The CV Show 2018

Visit Total at the 2018 CV Show, April 24th-26th, Birmingham NEC. We'll be able to help your fleet.

A challenge for hauliers — UK is Europe’s third most congested country

Congestion costs UK hauliers money. Will this improve?

Where would you like to use PASSango?

PASSango by AS 24 Total provides Europe-wide flexibility for hauliers. Seamless payment at tolls, plus available GPS tracking, saves time and money.

Volvo's aim to reduce emissions

This year, Volvo is working on a new prototype with several technical developments to reduce fuel consumption of distribution vehicles by 13% compared to a standard truck & trailer

Top telematics solutions provider

Mix Telematics was ranked as one of the top 2 telematics solutions providers in Europe following an independent assessment led by ABI research

OnTruck Upgrades

OnTruck makes it easier than ever for lorry drivers to get more jobs and increase income by reducing empty running miles. Here’s what’s new in the app.

Self-Driving Trucks

With automated technology sending ripples across most industries, hauliers have had to hear more about it than others. But could self-driving trucks actually be positive for lorry drivers?

Preparation for Brexit

The UK government introduces the haulage permits and trailer registration bill to avoid worst-case senario following Brexit

Earn 5£ every week

Lightfoot, the fuel-saving solution technology, gives drivers the opportunity to earn £5 a week in 2018

UK's public travel revolution

UK corporate and start-up companies take part in the disruption of public transport
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