Fleet Savings Calculator (the “Calculator”) Assumptions

The Calculator has been designed to provide a quick and easy indication of the savings and costs associated with a generic fleet.

None of the figures or information provided in the Calculator constitutes a quote, or binding agreement. All figures are indicative estimates only and should not be relied upon to make any decisions. Customers wanting to explore our products and services further should contact us and request a more detailed, tailored estimate.

The Calculator utilizes a number of fixed assumptions, including:

  1. VAT & Duty Recovery (where applicable);

Based on official VAT & Diesel taxes rates recoverable of each European Tax Authority; Including the commission rates of EuroVAT.


  1. Efficiency savings through the use of our lubricants range;
  • Based on your estimation of distance travelled in a year.
  • To be certified “Fuel Economy” by the ACEA, the lubricants have to fulfill the official CEC L54-T-96 sequence (Mercedes engine M111FE): When the ACEA A1/B1, A5/B5, C2 standards are claimed, a Fuel saving of at least 2.5% is certified and 3% for the specifications C1. This result is calculated over the official reference oil, RL 191, grade 15W-40. The Calculator is based on a 3% saving simulation.


  1. Fuel Abnormal Consumption

Estimation of savings due to fraud reduction based on:

  • % of fraud per month in average in total fuel expenses in the UK.
  • The share of AS 24 for UK customer’s volume.
  • Minimum market share of average internal estimation driven from internal surveys.


  1. Oil Analysis

ANAC can generate savings in the maintenance and operational costs of a fleet and calculation in practice generally shows return on investment of over 1 by 10 (1 Euro invested in ANAC brings 10 Euro savings) (Estimate driver from internal surveys).


  1. Toll
  • Estimation driven from internal surveys.
  • According to the discount in average in total toll expenses of UK customers in one year.