TTS Christmas Gifts

Deck your hauls with Total Truck Solutions’ Christmas offers and giveaways - there's something for every haulier, from internationa fuel cards and toll badges to bulk engine oil and Amazon...

New Rubia Oil Range

Total Rubia is a complete range of new engine and transmission oils, greases, hydraulic systems, coolants and antifreeze for transport, designed to be advantageous for fleet businesses.

New Gas Vehicle Oils

Our dedicated new Total Rubia Gas range is the ideal solution for users of natural gas vehicles.


Our engine oils, branded Total RUBIA OPTIMA, establish the new industry standards delivering improvements in engine protection and fuel economy, while also lowering CO2 emissions.

Cycle Alert

In the light of numerous incidents between cyclists and trucks, we focus on one solution: Cycle Alert

Greener Haulage

Logistics firms respond to calls to make haulage greener
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