Limited-time TTS member discount on AS 24 services!

Total’s number one road haulage division, AS 24, is offering major discounts on a range of services. Stands for a limited time on Total Truck Solutions only! Offer ends on 12th January 2018
Your fleet can benefit from:
The highest AS 24 pack upgrade with full access to AS 24 services – 33% off for members. Includes international fuel cards to access the largest station networks in Europe, plus a range of management tools. Only £2/month per card for a limited time!
PASSango toll badge – up to 25% off for members. Never pay more than £3/month per badge, usable in 5 countries including Belgium’s Viapass. Plus, upgrade for the geolocation feature and never pay more than a total of £9/month per badge for multi-vehicle fleets with our limited offer!


1. Become a member for free, if you have not yet registered with TTS
3. Fill in your details and availability, tick ‘Fuel cards’ and/or ‘European toll services’ 
4. Type in the code AS24DISCOUNT in the comment box
5. Click 'Submit'
An AS 24 representative will be in touch with you shortly to confirm your special discount on the services you are interested in.
TERMS AND CONDITIONS: To be eligible for any of the Total Truck Solutions members’ discount offers, you must be a member of a haulier company based in the UK and a member of Total Truck Solutions online portal. Total Truck Solutions reserves the right to withdraw the offers at any point.

AS 24 Pack Infinite with Eurotrafic Fuel Card - 33% off!

Benefit from one of the largest station networks in Europe


The Eurotrafic Pack Infinite is the highest AS 24 pack upgrade, offering full access of all AS 24 services. You can:
Benefit from the largest AdBlue® partner station network in Europe
Beat fraud by setting personalised card alerts with CardAlert, including geographical alerts if the vehicle is operating in an unauthorised location, scheduling alerts to warn if transaction is occurring outside authorised times, and budget alerts if driver fuel spending is approaching previously set limits or is filling up in a high-cost area
Configure your cards according to your driver’s needs with CardControl. You can modify your fuel card spending ceilings in real-time according to fuel purchases and services, periods of use for unauthorised collections, and authorised or banned countries. You can also suspend the use of the card through the online customer area for a chosen period whenever needed
Receive info service benefits. Pay for fuel in more than 12,000 Eurotrafic partner stations in 28 countries across the European AS 24 network with the pin-protected Eurotrafic Fuel Card
Review costs online in your virtual Customer Area, where you can also instantly retrieve data, control and keep track of all business transactions and access detailed invoices on a monthly basis. (Also available through the mobile AS 24 app)
Benefit from Eurotrafic Assistance in case of a breakdown at no extra cost for the entire fleet – you just pay for the services you use. With a network of 22,000 authorised repair partners, Eurotrafic Assistance can provide breakdown assistance in 40 European countries. Also get legal assistance in any language to help with the payment of fines or penalty recovery

PASSango – up to 25% off!

1 toll badge, 5 countries


PASSango offers special discounts for toll bridges and tunnels in France and Belgium (now with Viapass) as well as Portuguese, Spanish and Austrian motorway networks. The centralised toll payment method provides you with a toll box fixed inside the vehicle windscreen that can be used in express toll lanes, with special members’ pricing up to only £3/month per badge.

No matter how frequently you cross those countries, you will never be charged more than £3/month per badge, compared to the catalogue price of £4/month per badge. Meanwhile, you will not be charged at all if you don’t ship to any of those countries in a given month!

The service will soon extend to Germany and bridges linking Denmark to Sweden. It can also be used on the Liefkanshoek tunnel in Belgium and in secure parking areas for trucks. 



Upgrade to PASSango EuroPilot with geolocation

And never pay more than £12 £9/month!

With the additional PASSango EuroPilot geolocation upgrade, you can get real-time GPS tracking information on your trucks at a special price of up to £9/month per badge in total. With this feature, you can inform your customers about the progress of their shipments or to check the location of your vehicles while they are on the road.

And no matter how often you use the feature, you still pay up to the guaranteed maximum charge of £9/month per badge, including multi-vehicle fleets, and pay nothing if you don’t use the feature on any given month.

Find out more about PASSango on the official AS 24 website.