Reduce fleet costs with Total ANAC preventative maintenance

What is Total ANAC?

TOTAL ANAC is Total’s engine oil analysis service. For over 30 years, our technicians have performed lubricant diagnoses on millions of samples sent in by HGV fleets across the world, creating and expanding a database of engine problems based on the composition of the oil samples. 
With ANAC, you send us a sample of your lorry’s engine oil, our haulage lubrication experts analyse it using the most advanced equipment and techniques available, then you receive a diagnosis report. Within it, you’ll understand:
  • How worn the engine’s components are
  • Whether the lubricant is contaminated
  • Characteristics of the lubricant, such as its viscosity
  • Additives and elements present in the oil
  • The engine’s wear compared to other identical engines in our database
To make sense of these, you’ll also receive feedback regarding potential causes and fixes via TOTAL’s CAPS (Customer Assisted Prognosis System), alongside the urgency of the issues and the likelihood of success of the fixes.
TOTAL ANAC gives you everything you need to perform preventative maintenance to safeguard your fleet, machinery and business. It’s ANAlysis, Compared.

How does ANAC oil analysis help your business?

There are plenty of reasons why a health check of your vehicle's engine oil is beneficial, whether you’re investigating a possible problem on one truck or performing regular diagnoses on your entire fleet.
  • Uncover problems when solutions are less expensive – before breakdowns take place 
  • Save money and time searching for problems within the engine
  • Extend the life of your vehicles
  • Apply conditional maintenance
  • Optimise your business by reducing downtime
  • Anticipate and optimise your maintenance operations
  • Feedback from other customers provides you with corrective actions to help you succeed

Key ANAC Oil Analysis figures

  • 5,000,000+ diagnoses since introduction
  • 500,000+ mechanical components monitored
  • 250,000+ diagnoses per year
  • Over 35 years’ experience
  • Available in 19 languages

To understand more about how TOTAL ANAC can help optimise your truck business, contact our team


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