Where would you like to use PASSango?

Where would you like to use PASSango?

The PASSango system by AS 24 by Total provides seamless payment at tolls for haulage companies across Europe. Recently, that service has been expanded to work in more European countries — aiding speed, convenience and cost savings for business users.

Thanks to the unique Stop&Go feature — which enables the automatic detection of your driver’s payment at toll booths — progress for your deliveries is quicker, smoother and less worrisome for your team.

A range of PASSango services are available, each for specific locations. These are:

  • PASSango EuroPilot : PASSango Europe + GPS tracking
  • PASSango Europe: France/Belgium/Austria/Spain/Portugal
  • PASSango Iberic: France/Spain/Portugal
  • PASSango France: France only

The PASSango EuroPilot offers mainland Europe-wide coverage, along with real-time data to track your fleet from wherever you may be in the world. The tracking feature provides efficiency benefits, as any unforeseen circumstances can be monitored, reported and then customers can be alerted should a delivery be ahead or behind of schedule.

Many supply chain businesses will be implementing more data-driven elements to their infrastructure over the coming years, as covered in our recent blog, and PASSango EuroPilot can be seen as a pioneer in this area.

All varieties of PASSango offer substantial benefits for hauliers when they are travelling across the participating countries. From a business management point of view, all trip transactions can be downloaded as an itemised list, including a detailed invoice for each toll and AS 24 fuel station purchase.

Of course, a main benefit of using PASSango is toll discount from the cost of regular road use, with up to 13% discounts for France and up to 50% discounts for Spain. It’s all wrapped up with the ability to order and renew online whenever it suits your business, and the promise of secure parking on major European roads at AS 24 locations.

You can find out more on the AS 24 website, where your business can also sign up for the service today. 

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