OnTruck in 2018

OnTruck: The Carrier App Taking Over the UK

OnTruck is the on-demand logistics platform that uses technology to connect shippers and carriers quickly and easily. It’s also Total’s newest UK road transport partner as a provider of digital solutions to freight issues. We recently caught up with the tech start-up’s regional managing director, David Jennison, who told us about why he believes the app is headed for success in the UK and what that means for carriers.

Filling the haulage market gap

Jennison highlights the large market opportunity in UK haulage as a driving motive. “Road freight represents around 10% of UK GDP and the market is highly fragmented, on both supply and demand sides,” says Jennison. “The industry has yet to see the benefits of technology and remains largely undisrupted, with roughly 30-40% of all freight miles done empty.

He also notes the sizeable opportunities for economic improvement of the industry nationwide, including tackling under-optimisation and manual business practises, which are still characteristic of the road freight sector. He cites the company’s dedication to making transport operations “faster, cheaper, easier and clearer” across the board.

“But the story doesn’t end here,” adds Jennison. “There is also a big environmental angle to our work.” He reiterates that the transport sector is responsible for 24% of UK CO2 emissions, with road transport generating 71% of that. Helping to reduce this figure is a top priority for the company, as is alleviating congestion in cities and on roads.

OnTruck's UK MD David Jennison


Improving the life of carriers

OnTruck prides itself on keeping three main promises to shippers: greater transparency, visibility and trust. “We want to make individual drivers and haulage firms more successful,” says Jennison. He adds, “Drivers especially have been getting a raw deal historically. They have to pay for access to exchange sites, they usually have to bid for services, they do a difficult job without much support and they get paid slowly.”

To overcome what has become a norm in the haulage industry, the OnTruck app implements a pricing system that is instant across multiple truck specifications. Once exact pick-up slots are selected, the shipments are traceable throughout the journey. Importantly, OnTruck pays monthly, regardless of when they collect from shippers. The app is also entirely free to use.

Both individual truck drivers and large fleet managers who connect are free to accept shipments that fit their schedule, so that they may maximise the utilisation of their assets. Arguably the biggest benefit is getting paid automatically, on-time and with reliability. Another perk is OnTruck’s UK-based customer service, which is run by logistics specialists who are available for in-app messaging and phone-based support.

The future of OnTruck

“2018 is going to be a huge year for OnTruck UK,” says Jennison. He credits the app’s fast-growing success to the company’s lean approach to product development. “We build things quickly, test and validate with consumers, review and then double down or iterate as appropriate.”

For now, the main focus of OnTruck’s growth strategy is to expand their geographic coverage across the UK so as to offer more loads with a broader range of origin and destination points. “I’ll also be spending time with our carriers to understand the demand for OnTruck and gather requirements for what our offering needs to look like so we are significantly better than available alternatives,” Jennison adds.

Indeed, he also underlines cooperation with customers as a main driver of the company’s success. “We collaborate with shippers, carriers, third parties, and each other to make sure we are constantly improving and challenging ourselves to find ways to be better.”

Find more about OnTruck via the official website.

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