TOTAL: Natural Gas

TOTAL's introduction of natural gas for trucks in Europe

Total recently inaugurated its first gas fueling station in Nantes, France. It is looking to open another 15 stations across France this year, followed by an additional 10 a year with a greater vision for a network of 110 natural gas fuel outlets, managed by Total or AS 24.

Natural gas fuel can either be compressed natural gas (CNG), suited for any vehicle or liquefied natural gas (LNG), used by long-haul trucks. It is recognised as the most responsible fossil fuels. Powertrain technologies compliant with this type of fuel are quieter and emit less particulates and nitrogen oxides (NOx). Trucks using natural gas fuel are compliant with the Euro 6 emission and vehicles can display Crit'Air 1 sticker, to access restricted traffic areas in major cities.

Total already has a network of 450 natural gas fueling stations around the world, marketing CNG in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Egypt, Pakistan and now in France. The first LNG fueling station was opened in 2015 in Antwerp, Belgium.


"Total is looking to open another 15 stations across France this year (...) with vision for a network of 110 natural gas fuel outlets..."

The principal users of natural gas fuel as an alternative are trucks or transporters carrying materials, goods and passengers. Total's president of Marketing & Services, Momar Nguer pointed out the responsibility of Total, as a global gas player to promote natural gas across the value chain, especially for the truckers and transporters they supply.

On the long-term, Total aims to target the transportation market in Europe and leverage its existing 9,000 retail outlets to continue the deployment of a dense enough network to meet the needs of its customers.
At the moment the group prioritizes the acceleration of its supply of natural gas fuel in Germany and the Benelux countrie and further expansion in France.

For more information about natural gas fuel, visit Total's website. 

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