TOTAL Excellium: A New Generation of High-Tech Fuels

TOTAL Excellium New Generation is the outcome of two years of research and development following the customers' need for high-tech fuels at an affordable price. This fuel was developed to keep engines clean over long distances thanks to a new formula with additives that clean essential parts of engines. Total Excellium produces up to 99% less buildup in gasoline engines and 93% less in diesel engines. This high-tech solution uses less fuel, lasts longer and produces fewer CO2 emissions.


"This fuel was developed to keep engines clean over long distances (...)"


Today in a world changing rapidly and in need of innovative solutions, TOTAL leverages R&D to bring these solutions. Several researchers at the Solaize Research Center in France work in collaboration with Total Additives and Special Fuels to design and test dozens of new formulas with the objectives to enhance energy efficiency by generating more power with less fuel, while keeping engines clean and reducing CO2 emissions.

TOTAL Excellium New Generation was the result of more than 2,300 lab tests conducted and 40 vehicles tested on the engine bench (more than 6,000 hours) and on the road (more than 8,500 hours).

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