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Total have introduced a range of new OAT (Organic Acid Technology) Antifreeze/Coolants to its range: GLACELF SI-OAT (concentrate) & COOLELF SI-OAT (premix).
These competitively priced superior products carry official approvals from the leading OEMs and are based on the latest technological advances of cooling systems in modern commercial vehicles. Our investment in the latest technology will help you the fleet manager to optimize the global maintenance cost of your vehicle fleet.

Total coolants have much longer service life compared to conventional products. This allows:
- extended drain intervals with subsequent reduced maintenance downtime, 
- less coolant replacement cost in the long run
- less possibility of harm to the environment. 

Both products are “very-long-life” coolants made of monoethylene glycol, providing a high level of protection against damage caused by freezing, cavitation, corrosion and overheating. These new coolants are especially recommended for both light vehicles (MB and VW group Euro VI engines), heavy vehicles (MB, MAN, SCANIA and Cummins Euro VI engines), public works machinery (Liebherr Euro VI engines) and agricultural tractors (MTU Claas engines). 

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