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Mix Telematics ranked high in independent assessment report

Mix Telematics was chosen as Europe's top two telematics solutions providers for commercial vehicles following the launch of an unbiased assessment of Commercial Telematics Vendors led by ABI Research. This technology-market intelligence specialist highlighted the strengths of Mix Telematics with regards to their primarily larger fleets & European-based multi-national key accounts, as well as their high long-term retention rates, due to individualized and tailor-made customer partnerships.

Mix Telematics observed a growth in their subscriber base: 9% year on year. They also have displayed positive features, such as a presence in a wide range of vertical sectors, an ability to dliver bespoken solutions, financial stability and a strong channel partner strategy.


"Mix Telematics observed a growth in their subscriber base: 9% year on year. "


Moreover, safety requirements for drivers set up by Mix Telematics was also an element that led to their success. Since they are an open software platform, they can partner with a range of third party safety systems, such as onboard cameras.

The ABI research implicated several commercial vehicle telematics applications , such as long-haul trucking fleets, short-haul and LTL (Less Than Truckload) trucking fleets, local delivery fleets, utility and service fleets, municipal and government fleets, emergency services fleets, public transportation fleets, private transportation fleets, OEMs, trailer tracking and industrial equipment fleets.


For more information about Mix Telematics, visit their website here.

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