Responsible operators are losing out to AdBlue® emulators

Responsible operators are losing out to AdBlue® emulators

Commercial Fleet has reported that some commercial vehicle operators are not playing by the rules when it comes to AdBlue® by installing AdBlue® emulators. They have recently been warned by the senior traffic commissioner to clean up their act, or face losing their O-licence.

AdBlue® is required by selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems, which were introduced as part of the Euro V emissions regulation in 2008, in an attempt to reduce harmful vehicle emissions. The system is also a key component for Euro VI trucks.

Without AdBlue®, the SCR system does not effectively reduce emissions to within legal limits. In a recent public inquiry where an AdBlue® emulator had been discovered, the Euro VI vehicle’s NOx emissions were up to 2.5 times the permitted level. This is equivalent to the Euro III standard, which incurs a pollution charge of £200 per visit to the capital.

NOx emissions not only harm the environment, they also have serious implications on human health. Using AdBlue® dramatically reduces these pollutants. Responsible operators are also losing out, as they are purchasing AdBlue® in order to be compliant.

So the government is taking action – offenders will be identified and receive significant penalties. With this increased focus on unscrupulous activity, and the damaging effects on public health and the environment, it’s now more important than ever to stay on the right side of regulations.

In the public inquiry mentioned above, the traffic commissioner made an order to revoke the hauliers’ six-vehicle licence. With the obligatory O-licence at stake, installing an AdBlue® emulator is a risk that businesses cannot afford to take.

Keep your fleet compliant by replacing AdBlue® when required. AdBlue® is available to buy from Total in 5L and 10L packs, as well as barrels, IBCs and bulk. When out and about, it is available at your nearest AS 24 station.

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