Responsible Business Fleets

Responsible Business Fleets

Today  companies prioritise growth over Corporate social responsibility (CSR). That is why Total has decided to provide you with tangible solutions that will not only make you more responsible but also fully optimize your fleet's vehicle.

First of all chose Economical Vehicles. There is no denying that making an automotive fleet greener is expensive. However as Yann Yann Guillaud, a fleet analyst at Euklead, points out: “A hybrid vehicle still has a higher TCO than a diesel-engine model once annual mileage exceeds 15,000 kilometres."

Secondly, you can begin car sharing. Mobility Tech Green, a company who specialises in car sharing for businesses and municipalities, estimate that pooling vehicles can cut a company's fleet size by around 30%. This results in a reduction of the firm's carbon footprint.

Nother solution is to use 'data recorders' that can track fleet fuel efficiency and carbon emissions in real time. In addition this, an on-board data recorder will collect information about your driver habits in order to help you optimise your fleets.

Lastly, you can design eductional courses where employees are offered eco driving and road safety training. “All driver training classes are in high demand by fleet managers and often requested by their insurance companies," says Yann Guillaud.

So actually introducing a fleet CSR policy could be a great idea don't you think?
Did you know that Total have a wide range of TOTAL Fuel Economy lubricants to help you save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions?

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