Operation Stack: Lorry Park

The Committee called on Transport Ministers to demonstrate the necessity of building the lorry park

The essential link between the Channel Ports, London and the rest of the UK is provided by the routes through Kent to Dover and Folkestone: these carry more than 80% of the road freight entering or leaving the UK.  

Disruption caused by a process called Operation Stack - a process implemented when a cross-Channel service is severely disrupted by bad weather, fire, operational problems, industrial protests or migrant action at Calais -  has never lasted this long. The Transport Committee is glad the Government is seeking a solution to solve this high level of disruption.

However, the decision of the Government to build a £250million permanent lorry park in Kent capable of holding around 4000 large goods vehicles has also been questioned. In their report, the Transport Committee claimed that the Government "has not demonstrated clearly enough what options have been evaluated". The lorry park would be enormous in size and cost, as it would be the equivalent in size to 90 football pitches. This would be the largest lorry park in Europe, and possibly in the world, with only one other lorry park in existance similar to the proposed park in size.  
Transport Committee is now asking Ministers to justify why building a lorry park the same size as Disneyland California with outrageous costs is better than the proposed alternatives.

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