New Gas Vehicle Oils

New Total Lubricants For Natural Gas Vehicles

Natural gas is set to be the fastest growing fossil fuel to 2035 at 1.8% per year (which is almost twice the expected growth rate of oil). Meanwhile, traditional diesel engine oil is not recommended for gas engines as ash levels may be too high and often OEM specifications are not met.

In accordance with this, our dedicated new Total Rubia Gas range is the ideal solution for users of natural gas vehicles. Powertrain technologies using this type of fuel are quieter – with 50% less noise than diesel engines – and emit fewer particulates and nitrogen oxides. They are also compliant with the latest Euro VI emission standards for trucks.

In addition to the Total Rubia Gas range, we also recently launched the Rubia Gas 7M 15W-40, with the latest CUMMINS CES 20085 specification. This new lubricant may lead to increased oil drain intervals for certain gas engine models due to its higher ash content, and joins a full range of products for mobile gas engines by Total.

This launch follows recent news of Total’s acquisition of the Dutch company PitPoint B.V., Europe’s third-largest provider of natural gas vehicle fuel. Natural gas fuel is recognised as one of the cleanest fossil fuels and demand is growing at more than twice the expected growth rate of oil through 2035. In line with this, unlocking gas demand with new usages for transport is central to Total’s integrated strategy of expanding along the natural gas value train.

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