Mobility made easy!

SOTI's management software to remote control driver terminals with hundreds of tailored apps

TomTom Telematics is collaborating with SOTI to provide fleet managers and their drivers with a remote and customised, open-platform management device. The SOTI MobiControl management software will be made available to manage TomTom PRO 8 series driver terminals from a distance to meet the needs of specific users and functions.


"SOTI and TomTom Telematics help businesses be as effective as possible"

Drivers can access the most up-to-date applications tailored to their specific role or geographic location, without returning to their base. Managers can centralise and administer user groups and policies dynamically by controling app usage and the data costs. Hundreds of apps will be available for WEBFLEET and Pro 8 series driver terminals. 

By combining their expertise, one in mobile device management and the other in key mobility devices, SOTI and TomTom Telematics help businesses be as effective as possible. Moreover, this automated system saves time by taking out the complexity of mobility management, hence enabling drivers and managers to focus on core tasks. 


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