Microlise Transport Conference 2018 Review

Microlise Transport Conference 2018 Review

What is the Microlise Transport Conference?

The Microlise Transport Conference is Europe’s largest road transport conference, with over 1,100 delegates in attendance. This year, the conference was held at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry. It was chaired by ex-Top Gear presenter Quentin Wilson.

Total went along to learn more about the future of logistics, innovation, new technology, regulation, smart and green mobility… and we were eager to discuss these industry hot topics with the other delegates.

What were the main trends of the Microlise Transport Conference?

Key discussions included alternative fuels, electrification, Clean Air Zones and Low Emission Zones.

It was revealed that 78% of the public were planning to test ‘alternative fuel’ trucks in their fleet. But only half of those asked would actually consider purchasing an electric vehicle today if it was the same purchase price as a diesel equivalent (but 3 times more energy efficient on average).

It was also clear at the conference that the entire industry is concerned about new emissions regulations. Over 40% felt that the needs of the transport industry were not being considered in terms of the introduction of Clean Air Zones and Low Emission Zones, with just under 50% of them unsure of their answer.

At 85.06%, the industry is overwhelmingly worried that the measures being taken to improve air quality will have a negative financial impact on business.

As a whole, we need to come together to alert the government to these concerns, or we may find our haulage industry facing real difficulties in the coming years.

Why you should visit the next Microlise Transport Conference

The 2018 conference gave us the opportunity to discover more about the issues and innovations driving the transport industry forward. We also enjoyed engaging in in-depth discussions with peers from across the sector.

It’s events like this, where we meet fleet managers face-to-face, that help us to plan for the future of Total Truck Solutions – to ensure we continue to meet the changing needs of our market.

In such a rapidly evolving industry, the Microlise Transport Conference 2019 will definitely be worth a visit; it will be interesting to discuss new industry challenges, and to see if we’re still talking about the same trends 12 months down the line. Stay tuned for more form the show soon and you can leave your thoughts on our Facebook page.

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