Lubricant’s packaging

Lubricant’s packaging

Are you finding it difficult to understand all the information provided on the packaging of lubricants? Our Total experts are here to help you.

The front label:
In addition to the manufacture logo and the product name, you can find a code refering to the oil classifciation or viscosity. This is one of the most important pieces of information since the carmaker specifies the properties of the oil to use for the engine you're driving. Try to choose an oil with the same properties as the one recommended by the carmaker.

The back label:
- Specifications: After passing trials and tests required for a particular make of car the carmaker issues a letter indicating that the oil meets the requirement for the engine use, However if the word level is writter, this means that the product has not obtained the carmaker approval.
-Recommendations for use are important since it provides information about how often the oil needs to be changed.

Finally, to find out which lubricant is the best for you, find all these indications provided in the owner's manual.

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