Incredible engine oils

Incredible engine oils

Did you know that Total, the fourth ranked oil and gas company and global leader in solar energy was investing € 1 billion in Research and Development every year? It aims to improve our industrial process, our products, and being more competitive. 
But how is it affecting us? Simply by developing better products each year that you are going to use as a driver, a mechanic or for your customers.
Our investment is converted into patents, such as cutting-edge technology, the intellectual property of which belongs to Total and which can’t be used by any of our competitors. 

So what are these patents for?

The creation of state-of-the-art products, for example, the CERAN grease range, which uses Total’s unique technology and BIO-base fluids. Other results are the Low SAPs and Fuel Economy lubricants and biolubricants.
Partnership agreements with manufacturers, such as those signed with Aston Martin, PSA Peugeot-Citroën, Renault, Nissan, Mazda, DAF,  Volvo Trucks or Toyota.
The development of additives and fuels for motorsports. These have contributed to many victories in Formula One, WRC races, Rallycross and other motorsports.
Enhancing our uniqueness. Thanks to the investments made in 2015, the Group registered 50 patents in Marketing & Services alone, relating to research on additives and bases, among others. This means that Total is the owner and the only entity that can use these patents to develop new products.
Royalties on its patents. Thanks to these patents, Total earns more than €1 million in income.

That is why, for us investing in R&D is crucial to ensure the future of our company. This investment gives rise to the latest technology which, in the case of the lubricants, is designed to contribute to the smooth running of your vehicle’s engine. We have the right product for each engine and we want you to benefit from its advantages.

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