VAT reclaim on fuel

How to reclaim your VAT on fuel?

Thanks to AS 24 and its partner EuroVAT, it is very simple to reclaim VAT in all of the EU. As these administrative procedures can be time-consuming and are often in foreign language, EuroVAT handles all of them for you. 

Ask for EuroVAT to help you, only a few steps before recovering taxes:
     1) Send your invoices directly to EuroVAT: if you are an AS 24 customer, EuroVAT can receive them automatically. 
     2) EuroVAT will do the paperwork and submit your claims to the Tax Authorities.
     2) The Tax Authorities process your claims and pay the VAT to EuroVAT.
     3) EuroVAT refunds the reclaimed VAT to you.

Depending on the countries, not only does EuroVAT recover VAT on fuel but also on most of the products related to your business as an international haulage company: AdBlue, diesel, tolls, lubricants, HGV washing …

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