How to manage your fleet with AS 24

How to manage your fleet with AS 24

With an AS 24 fuel card or AS 24 EUROTRAFIC card, INFOSERVICE, CARDALERT and CARDCONTROL are all available as part of the Infinite Pack; INFOSERVICE and CARDALERT are also included as part of the Advanced Pack. These services give you complete control over the management of your fleet in real-time – meaning you can take action as soon as it’s required.

AS 24‘s INFOSERVICE online tool allows you to view your fuel transactions before receiving the invoice to closely track your consumption. And you can use the management tool to draw up a projected budget. You can also download your billed transactions, as all your invoices are available in your Customer Area or by email.

Transactions are available to download in different structures and different file formats. Using these files you can integrate your data into your applications and asset management software, which means you can avoid the need for lengthy and repetitive data input – eliminating the risk of errors.

CARDALERT sends geographical, scheduling and budget alerts as necessary. Geographical alerts can be sent when transactions occur at unauthorised AS 24 stations and/or in prohibited countries, at our EUROTRAFIC partner stations, and at AS 24 stations located in the most expensive part of the country. Scheduling alerts can be sent when transactions occur outside authorised times and outside authorised days. Budget alerts can be sent when excesses occur on the number of fuel-ups authorised in a 24-hour period, on fuel spending limits authorised in a 24-hour period, and on EUROTRAFIC toll limits authorised in a one week period.

You can choose the frequency at which you want to be alerted and define the recipients of alert emails. Alerts can be viewed online, and you can also export them to Excel format. Plus, the FLEET MANAGER mobile application sends alerts as notifications — enabling you to keep on top of everything when you are away from your desk.

With CARDCONTROL, you can set spending limits on your AS 24 fuel cards (depending on your drivers’ needs). This ensures a maximum level of security for all the transactions carried out by your fleet in service stations. You can control your expenses with a few clicks, by setting spending limits for the purchase of fuel on a certain day and/or up to 31 running days (up to three limits for all products combined: GO, Gasoil, Red Diesel and AdBlue®). You can also set periods of use, days or hours for unauthorised refuelling, and create unauthorised or forbidden countries or stations (maximum 50).

You can also suspend your cards for an unlimited period from your Customer Area. Once suspended, a card cannot be used in the AS 24 network. You decide whether to reactivate the card whenever you want. This could come in useful when one of your vehicles is immobilised for repair, one of your drivers is stopped for an undetermined period, one of your cards is lost or stolen, or you just wish to have greater control over your cards.

With these services, you can now manage your fleet in real-time – instead of doing a post-analysis of costs. It means you can make the right decisions as quickly as possible, so your fleet is always operating at maximum efficiency.

Find out more about AS 24 services on the AS 24 website.


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