Meet OnTruck

Meet OnTruck: The Future of Short-Haul Logistics in the UK

With 90% of carriers in Europe operating on fewer than 10 trucks, if there’s one enhancement short-haul transport could use, it would be improved vehicle optimisation. Not to mention the heavy administration processes that plague the short-haul industry, which are time-consuming and expensive. If anything, this level of bureaucracy by intermediaries only fosters corruption, adding little value to business.

That’s exactly what OnTruck, Total’s newest UK road transport partner, is promising to transform in a cost-effective and sustainable way. As the leading solution for short-haul goods transport, their aim is to give carriers access to better business-boosting technologies. Their claim says it all: “We make pallet delivery simple, transparent and on-demand.” The platform’s aim is to overcome supply chain challenges which have become synonymous with the industry, by offering real-time route optimisation and digitising shipment mutualisation.

It’s been a mere few months since the Spanish company launched in the UK, yet already OnTruck boasts a significant footprint of truckers operating in the South East. As they continue their expansion in this part of the world, they have already achieved a network of more than 500 carriers in Spain and continue to grow, city by city.


Automated booking and tracking of shipments 

The tech start-up has developed an algorithm-based product that enables enterprises to book road carriers virtually in real-time at a fair price. At any time of the day, an enterprise may place an order on the OnTruck website for dispatching pallets of goods, receiving a quote upon entering details of their order. 

Instantly, carriers receive a notification within the OnTruck app and accept the order on a first-come first-served basis, rather than having to bid. Within minutes, the designated carrier arrives to collect the goods. This on-demand feature allows empty carriers to pick up loads on-the-go, which would boost the current situation wherein a third of short-haul trips are done on empty trucks.

The given enterprise can additionally track the order directly from the app to remain aware of where the goods are throughout their journey. Invoicing also happens directly within the OnTruck app, ensuring everyone gets paid on a monthly basis, automatically and reliably.


Faster, cheaper and more transparent

Importantly, OnTruck eliminates the timing constraints of shipping orders. Businesses are usually faced with a 24- to 72-hour minimum waiting time at best; at worst, it’s a high premium with no availability guaranteed. Meanwhile, OnTruck promises to collect your goods within 90 minutes, with quality and pricing unaffected. The service additionally guarantees qualified carriers.

Among the many other valuable benefits of the service, OnTruck also allows for guaranteed payment, which would do much to boost day-to-day business operations for carriers. In addition to that, the platform also eliminates risk implied by multiple transfers. It prevents damage and losses by guaranteeing direct service from origin to destination through its shipment tracking feature. 

For now, OnTruck is focusing its operations on regional road freight and short-haul journeys. The strength of its technology is ensuring a rapid expansion for the company, with 35% month-on-month growth in the past year alone. As it continues to roll out in its native Spain, from Madrid and Barcelona to Valencia, it’s also set to take over the UK and beyond.

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