Fuel Economy Mix-Ups #2

Fuel Economy Misconceptions: Does using lubricants mean more wear on the engine?

In our second post clearing up misconceptions about Fuel Economy (FE) lubricants by Total, we are debunking the belief that FE oils increase damage to the engine. The usual reasoning behind this misconception is that lower viscosity increases chances of wear generation, which would lead to a shorter engine life or degrade performance. But that is simply not true.

And we have the evidence to prove it. Time and time again, Total FE lubricants have met all performance levels of international specifications and of constructors’ approvals, offering the same warranty access as conventional grade lubricants.

In what concerns HGVs, RUBIA Fuel Economy engine oils in particular have undergone the harshest wear tests in the industry. That includes Mack T12 for level VDS-4, Cummins ISB for level CJ-4, OM646 for level 228.51, OM611 for level 228.51 with a W-20 100 % mineral grade, proof of the highly effective mastery of the subject.

There’s tons more evidence where that came from. To find out more about Fuel Economy, check out our previous post on the subject or discover how FE lubricants can save you up to 3% on fuel also on the TTS portal.

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