Engine Oil Approval

TOTAL receives OEM approval for engine oil

Total Lubricants announced that its Rubia TIR 9900FE 5W-30 engine oil received further OEM approval, from Scania, to add to its suitability for use in commercial vehicle engines from Cummins, DAF, Iveco, MAN, Mercedes Benz, and Volvo, along with certain gas engines. 
The key Euro 6 oil is also backward compatible for lubricating all types of engines including Euro 5 and earlier. 

It is suitable for engines regardless of whether they are fitted with post-treatment systems, but it is formulated to work well with engines that have after-treatment, including SCR, EGR and DPFs. It is a synthetic lubricant. 


"Rubia product contributes to a fuel saving of up to 3% says Total Lubricants"

Besides its low-SAPS technology and fuel economy benefits. Rubia TIR 9900FE offers a range of other positives including outstanding engine protection, excellent anti-wear performance, first-rate thermal stability, and easier cold starting. 

When used in combination with fuel economy optimised gearbox oil, the Rubia product contributes to a fuel saving of up to 3% says Total Lubricants. 
Additional advantages include reduced maintenance costs, a cleaner engine, extended oil drain intervals, excellent piston cleanliness performance and an increased lifespan for post-treatment systems. 

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