Einride: the future of electric autonomous trucks

Einride officially unveils its first full-scale prototype of a futuristic electrically powered driverless truck controlled by drivers remotely. The T-pod as a "new transportation system" will measure 23 feet in length and will be able to hold a total weight of 20 tons when full on a distance of 124 miles on a single charge. 

The Swedish company behind the new project highlighted the T-pod's key differences. 
There is no physical space inside the T-pod for humans so space is optimised.
Moreover, it adopts a hybrid driverless approach by designing the vehicle to drive itself on highways but to be driven by a human situated remotely once it exits onto main city roads. This system enables one human to control several pods at once while they are on the highway should there be any issues.

The company aims to create an active fleet of 200 T-pod in Sweden by 2020, which will transport up to 2 million pallets per year. While Einride's remote system is not yet connected and the battery is not yet full-scale, the vehicle will be fully working and available to customers in the fall. 

For more information, visit Einride's website.

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