Drivers' 2017 Handbook

FTA updates truck drivers' Handbook

Following the increase in vehicle numbers, hence in road regulations, the Freight Transport Association (FTA) published a fully updated version of its Drivers’ Handbook, to help professional truck drivers of large and heavy goods vehicles. 

Sponsored by Mercedes-Benz Trucks, the Handbook covers many topics of commercial vehicle operation: staying legal, driving best practice, looking after yourself, what to do when things go wrong and driving abroad. Moreover, one can find a section on problems from changes of speed limits to major updates on load security.


"The book aims at helping drivers with their day-to-day tasks (...)"


The book aims at helping drivers with their day-to-day tasks, hence it cuts through the legal jargon while providing them with the necessary information on the current legislation affecting their work. It is also designed to be carried around so that drivers always have it at hand. 

Mercedes-Benz Trucks’ Managing Director, Mike Belk, described the importance of this Handbook on HGV: "While our comprehensive Road Efficiency strategy focuses on Low Total Costs, Greater Safety and Maximised Use, we also know that it’s the driver who has the most influence over an HGV’s efficiency."

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