Calais Blockade

Calais Blockade

Lorry drivers and farmers have blockaded  the main road into Calais since the beginning of September to bargain for the closure of the town's migrant camp.

There are two main motivations for this blockade. The first one concerns lorry drivers who have seen increasing  threats from organised gangs and migrants, who attempt to board vehicles to reach the UK.
The second one is from the farmers, angry to see the destruction of crops caused by the migrant camp.

Indeed the so-called "Jungle" camp is the biggest migrant camp in France with about 7,000 people living there. Criminal gangs have taken the opportunity to adopt new violent techniques to try to get migrants into the UK. Last month, BBC showed smugglers dragging a felled tree onto the main Calais port road to blockade it and to allow migrants to climb on stopped lorries.

The president of the Association of Calais Traders has told several different media outlets that they "will not budge from the motorway until the state gives us the dates for the total demolition of the northern zone of the Jungle."

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