AS24 in your pocket

AS24 in your pocket

The two AS 24 free mobile apps are designed to make daily life for a driver or fleet manager as effortless as possible. Fluid, simple and accessible, these two AS 24 apps make life easier!

The FLEET MANAGER App: this app operates as an extension of your AS 24 Customer Area, letting you track your expenses as well as manage your cards and toll badges wherever your are. 
What's new in 2016? You can now track your fleet equiped with PASSango pilot badges, on your smartphone and be alerted live if the driver takes any unexpected routes.

The DRIVER App: Address, products distributed, GPS coordinates... all the details of AS 24 stations are available in the application. And to save time, you can plan your route to the station of your choice directly in the Driver!

Check out the AS24 website to find out more. 

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